Residential Geothermal

Residential geothermal installations present a sustainable and cost-effective alternative for home heating and cooling. By leveraging the consistent temperature of the earth, these systems offer a reliable, environmentally friendly solution that can lead to significant long-term savings and increased home comfort.

Eco-Friendly Living Starts Underground

Turn Your Backyard into a Source of Primary Energy with Residential Geothermal Energy

Geothermal Specialists
Backed By Extensive Training
Envirotech Geothermal Leadership Team

We are a team of expert Geothermal Specialists, backed by comprehensive training!  Design and install the ideal geothermal system for your Edmonton family home.  Understanding the nuances of how geothermal energy best serves your space, we ensure a significant reduction in your environmental footprint. Partner with us for a year-round comfortable living or working environment, guaranteed by expert installations and unmatched service.

Sustainable Living, Lower Bills
Embrace a sustainable future with our tailored geothermal solutions, transforming your home into a haven of comfort and efficiency
Get Low-Interest Financing For Renewable Energy Upgrades

 Geothermal systems utilize the earth’s stable underground temperature for efficient heating and cooling, significantly reducing energy costs by up to 70%. When integrated with solar panels, which generate renewable electricity, the synergy between these two technologies can lead to even greater savings.

We’re proud to partner with GeoSmart Energy to bring the best in geothermal technology to Edmonton homes.

Different Types of Residential Geothermal Loops

Horizontal Loops

Plenty of Land

Horizontal loop systems are ideal for residential properties with ample land, especially in rural areas. Our installation involves digging shallow trenches and laying eco-friendly geothermal pipes, then backfilling with soil. This cost-effective method is perfect for larger properties, offering a sustainable heating and cooling solution that significantly lowers energy bills and reduces environmental impact.

Geothermal Vertical Loop

Limited Space

Vertical loops are a prime choice for residential properties in urban areas, where land space is often limited. Utilizing a specialized geothermal drilling rig, we create vertical holes ranging from 250 to 492 feet deep. They are also common for condos and other multi-unit properties in Edmonton and surrounding areas. 

Pond Or Lake Loop

Properties Near A Lake

Pond or lake loops are less common than other types of geothermal loop systems, such as horizontal or vertical loops, primarily due to the specific requirements they have. These systems are viable only if a property is near a sufficiently large and deep body of water. The key advantages of pond or lake loops include reduced installation costs and the ability to efficiently transfer heat due to the consistent temperatures in large bodies of water.

Open Loop

Rural Property Near A Well

In rural areas with existing wells, open loop systems efficiently harness groundwater for heating and cooling. Water is drawn from an aquifer, cycled through the heat pump, and then responsibly returned to the same aquifer, creating a sustainable and effective energy loop.

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