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At Envirotech Geothermal, we are committed to providing top-tier high tech HVAC solutions that prioritize not only comfort but also the health of your indoor environment. Our range of high tech HVAC services includes advanced systems from industry-leading manufacturers, ensuring that your space benefits from the latest in air quality technology.

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High Tech Hvac & High-Velocity HRV Systems

Our Hi-Velocity Systems are classified as Small Duct High Velocity (SDHV) systems, uniquely designed to offer comprehensive home comfort. This includes heating, cooling, filtration, ventilation, and dehumidification, all powered by a high-pressure forced air delivery mini duct system. The system operates on the principle of pressure rather than air velocity, ensuring efficient and even distribution of conditioned air throughout your space

These systems not only create a more enjoyable indoor living environment but are also cost-effective, with the Energy Smart Variable Frequency Drive Motor reducing operational costs by up to 50%. Additionally, the Hi-Velocity System can be installed 25% faster than traditional heating systems, providing a swift and efficient upgrade to your indoor climate contro

Key Features of High-Velocity HRV Systems

Compact Ducting

High-velocity HRV systems use smaller, more compact ductwork compared to standard HVAC systems. This feature allows for easier installation in buildings where space is limited or where large ducts would be impractical or unsightly. The smaller ducts, typically around 2 inches in diameter, can be routed through existing wall cavities, ceilings, and even floors without significant renovations.

High-Velocity Airflow

As the name suggests, these systems propel air at high velocities. This high-speed air movement ensures that air is evenly distributed throughout the space, eliminating hot or cold spots and providing consistent comfort levels across different areas of the building

Energy Recovery

The HRV component is crucial as it recovers heat energy from exhaust air that would otherwise be vented outside. During colder months, the system captures heat from outgoing stale air and transfers it to incoming fresh air, reducing the heating demand on the system. Conversely, in warmer months, the system can cool incoming hot air by transferring its heat to the outgoing cooler indoor air, thus saving on cooling costs

Improved Indoor Air Quality

By continuously exchanging indoor air with fresh outdoor air, high-velocity HRV systems help reduce pollutants, allergens, and moisture levels inside the building. This continuous ventilation is essential for maintaining a healthy indoor environment, particularly in tightly sealed, energy-efficient buildings where natural air infiltration is minimal.

Efficient Moisture Control

These systems are particularly effective at managing humidity levels in the air. By balancing the moisture content of the incoming and outgoing air streams, high-velocity HRV systems help in preventing issues related to excessive humidity, such as mold growth and condensation.

We offer environmentally responsible high tech HVAC solutions that align with our commitment to sustainability and health. 

Our Commitment To Sustainable and high tech HVAC Solutions

Envirotech Geothermal

At Envirotech Geothermal, we are dedicated to enhancing your living and working environments with advanced high tech HVAC solutions. Our team of experts is ready to guide you through selecting and installing the most suitable system for your needs, ensuring healthier, cleaner air and optimal comfort.

Wave goodbye to HVAC-related interruptions. Envirotech Geothermal is at your service 24/7, throughout the year, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted operations. Whether you’re dealing with an emergency repair or require routine plumbing service and maintenance, our skilled team is well-equipped and always prepared to provide prompt and effective plumbing solutions.

How does the Hi-Velocity System Compare to a Conventional System?

The HiVelocity System differs significantly from conventional furnaces, primarily through its use of “small diameter” or “mini duct” for supply ductwork. This high tech HVAC design offers greater adaptability and fewer constraints for architects and builders. Utilizing the Venturi Effect, the system creates pressure in these smaller ducts, converting it to velocity at outlets, which helps prevent dust accumulation in the ductwork. The continuous fan circulation filters out airborne dust and allergens, while the system’s design ensures even air mixing, maintaining consistent temperatures throughout the space. This results in uniform air delivery, eliminating the hot and cold spots often found in traditional systems.

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Top notch: Service, Quality, Performance. The team at Envirotech Geothermal impressed this demanding customer with their prompt and excellent communication. Steve was always easy to get a hold of and was happy to orient us to the ground source heat pump system we bought. The team was always able to answer our many detailed questions.

Once on site to perform the install they were very careful and courteous. The sub-trades that they employed were also excellent. They worked hard to ensure that we were very happy with all aspects of the installation. I have since installed a number of systems to monitor the energy harvested from the ground loop and power consumption by the heat pump. 
My conclusion is that the system works precisely as the Envirotech Geothermal team promised.
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Darren Crichton, Alberta, Canada

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