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GeoSmart Energy’s Premium H® hydronic forced air systems have become an industry standard for high efficiency home and water heating.

The Premium H® will meet all your needs for radiant floor heating, domestic hot water, pool and/or spa heating and melt ice and snow offering you years of worry-free comfort from the moment the system is installed. Most models are also able to provide chilled water for cooling.

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Premium H

hydronic forced air systems

The Premium H®, housed in an attractive blue and stainless steel cabinet, features sophisticated state-of-the-art components that make it the preferred choice for high performance home and hot water heating. It heats water at a fraction of the cost of ordinary boilers and water heaters. For every unit of electricity used by the Premium H® to operate the heat pump, it generates an uncomparable four units of ‘free’ energy from the earth. That equates into an efficiency rating of 400%!

Designed to meet a wide range of home applications, it can easily be installed in both newly constructed and existing homes, regardless of what climate you live in.

When combined with a GeoSmart geothermal system for conditioning air inside the home, the complete system provides the ultimate in savings, comfort and safe, reliable, quiet performance.

hydronic system premium H

PremiumHS® Single-Stage Standard Temperature Hydronic Comfort System with Outdoor Reset

high-efficiency home and water heating

GeoSmart Energy’s PremiumHS® standard temperature hydronic systems are recognized as a benchmark for high-efficiency residential and water heating solutions. The PremiumHS® system satisfies a broad range of needs, including radiant floor heating, domestic hot water, and heating for pools and spas, ensuring comfort from the moment of installation. Additionally, most models are capable of providing chilled water for cooling purposes.

Encased in an appealing blue and stainless steel cabinet, the PremiumHS® boasts advanced outdoor reset controls and an intuitive Aurora microprocessor, making it a top choice for sophisticated home and hot water heating needs. It heats water more cost-effectively than traditional boilers and water heaters.

For every unit of electricity consumed, the PremiumHS® generates up to three units of heat, translating to an impressive 300% efficiency rating.

The PremiumHS® is versatile enough for a wide variety of home applications and can be seamlessly integrated into both new builds and existing homes, regardless of the local climate.

When used in conjunction with GeoSmart’s hydronic air handler system, which conditions indoor air, the combined setup offers peak savings, comfort, and consistent, quiet operation.


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