6 Advantages of geothermal heating for builders

geothermal heating for builders

A building contractor makes many decisions regarding a home or building before a single shovel of dirt is moved. They determine location, style, and cost among other things.  Decisions are made based on what customers want, what the location demands, and what makes financial sense.  These decisions will impact the opportunities for sale or resale, including how it looks, how well it operates, and how much it costs to run and maintain.

Discover how geothermal heating and cooling fits your needs.

All those factors are part of the decision-making process for each component of a residential commercial building including the indoor climate control system. With a discerning consumer, a competitive marketplace, and increasingly restrictive building codes,  contractors are looking beyond cost and other traditional factors to choose alternative and sustainable options such as a geothermal exchange.   Here are six reasons why builders and developers are making the decision for a geothermal system:

1. Climate change

More and more consumers are considering the ecological impact of everything they do, including living and working space.  Geothermal systems do not use fossil fuels and consume less electricity than traditional HVAC systems. Outside of a manufacturing facility, heating and cooling systems in homes or buildings are the top contributor to a facility’s carbon footprint, and the first and best place contractors should look to reduce that footprint.

2. Incentives enhance profitability and future planning

Across Canada, renewable energy system incentives are continuing to build.  Provincial governments, cities, and towns are providing tax and even cash incentives for the use of green systems like geothermal.  Many utilities offer additional opportunities and they all add up to reducing the length of time the builder or homeowner realizes a complete return on investment.

3. Always available

While renewable solutions like solar and wind can reduce a home or business’s carbon footprint, for most installations they would be considered an intermittent source.  The sun doesn’t always shine and the wind is variable.  Geothermal technologies, once installed and operational, are consistent in their output regardless of whether it is day or night,  windy or calm.

4. Geothermal makes homes healthier

Traditional HVAC systems, relying on gas or heating oil have a negative impact on indoor air quality.  There is a flame involved, and where there is a flame, there is smoke.  Geothermal systems do not require the burning of anything to operate, providing a significant air quality improvement.

5. Improved aesthetics

How important is curb appeal?  Ask any realtor.  Geothermal heating and cooling systems, specifically Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHP) improve the outdoor look of your property by not being visible. Without the need for any large outdoor condenser, GSHP systems are located in a basement or mechanical room.

6. Added value for sale or resale

Contractors and developers,  even if they are designing or building for themselves, must consider those items that can make a sale or resale much easier.  For geothermal, the list is extensive, including quiet operation, lower maintenance costs, and longer service life.  All of those add up to the increased value at resale.

Homeowner, builder or developer, we can help guide you to apply for incentive programs. Envirotech Geothermal proudly serves the greater Edmonton and Calgary areas including Lakeland, Canmore, Devon, Grande Prairie, Red Deer, and Rockyview by helping homeowners and builders to discover the benefits and features of geothermal heating and cooling. Contact us today to learn how you can save up to 70% on your heating and cooling bills by utilizing geothermal heating and cooling in your home.  Call us at 1-866-Go-Heats or request a Geothermal Consultation for more information.

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